New Hymns for the Lectionary
5th Sunday of Lent Year A - Gospel

The Time is Near
TEXT: Mark Ryman (2005) based on Matthew 26:14-27:66
St. Agnes,” by John B. Dykes (1846)

Like Judas, I had sold my soul
By selling out the Lord.
He bought me back, paying the toll
That I could not afford.

“My time is near,” the Master said,
“To keep the Passover.”
We’ll drink the wine and break the bread
(I’ll give my life what's more).

That evening Jesus took the bread
And broke it for the twelve.
In this great act He in truth He fed
Them with His profound love.

This is My body that you eat,
Broken for you this night.
By my own death, death I will cheat
And your deaths I’ll requite.

Now take this cup which is my blood--
Exculpation of sins.
Imbibe the cleansing, saving flood;
Behold! New life begins.

© 2004, Mark E. Ryman

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